Google Buys SocialDeck

Google acquired yet another social gaming company: SocialDeck. The start-up had an interesting idea: creating a platform for playing games on any device. “SocialDeck was founded in 2008 with the vision of enabling ‘anywhere, anytime, anyone’ gaming. The company has launched several titles for the iPhone, Facebook, and BlackBerry using its social gaming platform technology, which enables simultaneous game play across multiple mobile devices and social networks,” explains SocialDeck’s site.

It should be obvious that Google doesn’t buy companies like SocialDeck to develop games. Most likely, Google wants to create a platform for social gaming that will enable users to play the same game on an Android device, on an iPhone, on a computer, on a Chrome OS tablet, in Google Me or any other social network that uses Google’s platform.

Here’s an overview of SocialDeck’s gaming platform:

{ via Inside Social Games }