New version of Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes tool available for download

Version 2.2.1 of the Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes tool is now available for download with the following new features:

Pre-migration Estimator: It is now possible to gather user statistics prior to migration for selected users. This feature is designed to help customers plan the migration process for each site as they can now see precisely how many emails, calendar entries and contacts/groups will be migrated for each user. These values are aggregated up to show totals by user status, by site and across the entire organisation. The system also calculates the amount of data that will be migrated for each user and totals up accordingly.

Error Threshold Setting: In earlier versions of this tool, if any migration errors were encountered the system would keep the user at Active status until the error was resolved, manually flagged as complete, or the administrator moved the user to “Complete” status. It now allows the administrator to set a site level threshold for errors. If the total number of migration errors in a single user’s mail file is below this threshold, the system will allow the user to move to “Complete”. Where notifications are enabled, the user will receive a completion notice which will include details of any errors so that they can deal with these as required.

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