Get Satisfaction On Facebook To Socialize Customer Support

Build a viral and loyal community by transforming your fan pages into a service center and advocacy hub

First ImageA Get Satisfaction support page within your Facebook community

With Get Satisfaction, the fan page is transformed into a powerful source of social knowledge that extends far beyond Facebook. Just as on your wall, the Get Satisfaction App allows customers post questions, feedback, concerns, praise … but before they post, we’ll search all the community and display the conversations, answers, and responses right there inside Facebook. If they post a new topic, that too becomes a part of the Get Satisfaction community.

Leverage the power of Facebook fans — your most social customers — to become a part of your larger customer community. Because all this social content is hosted in the Get Satisfaction platform, it is highly optimized for search engines and can also be syndicated on your website or pushed into your CRM. This new actionable intelligence delivers valuable consumer insight that ripples throughout the organization and into customer service, consumer relations, sales/marketing, R&D, and product development.

Those who already have a Get Satisfaction community and a Facebook fan page can chose from two integration plans:

Social Engagement Hub on the Facebook Fanpage

A custom integration for brands and high volume communities that lets you fully brand the community experience inside Facebook fan pages with:

  • Brand customization and banner real estate in the fan page community
  • Configurable viral post messaging to maximize acquisition of new fans
  • Customizable tab name
  • And much more, available upon request…

Support Tab on the Facebook Fan Page – Coming Soon!

The simplest and most effective way for small and medium companies to use the Fan Page App to support their customers on Facebook.