Just another linux blog: Fedora 11

After deciding a spring clean was in order we did a fresh install of the operating systems on our desktop computer. I had been using openSUSE 10.1 for what seems like years and there were a few annoying things, pretty much just because it was becoming outdated and I found it difficult to configure to use all the latest mod cons. I would’ve installed the latest SUSE but I couldn’t get the live CD to load up. I tried Mandriva and had a smiliar problem. I’ve got a netbook running Linpus Linux Lite (based on Fedora) so Fedora 11 seemed like a good option, and when I downloaded the image and burnt it to disc the live CD worked straight away.

It’s nice. I don’t really have any complaints so far. It boots up really quickly, detects my mobile phone and digital camera. I installed the KDE version at first but then felt like a change and reinstalled with the default GNOME as well and I use that mostly now.

Here are some screenshots: