Simple Steps to Publish On FaceBook Fan Page Using PHP

After Done with my previous post that only publish’s on a Facebook wall.

So now we will see how to publish on a facebook Fan’s page.

First we need to follow the 5 steps that I described in my previous post Next just create a Fan Page in Facebook.

Then get the page ID that you can get by the Page URL.

Then replace the APIKey, Secret Key and Session Key with your keys.

Then replace $target_id with your page id. That is Fan’s Page id.

Here is the code in PHP to publish on a Facebook FAN Page

define('FB_APIKEY', 'APIKEYxx');
define('FB_SECRET', 'SECRETKEYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
define('FB_SESSION', 'SESSIONKEYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');


try {
$facebook = new Facebook(FB_APIKEY, FB_SECRET);
$facebook->api_client->session_key = FB_SESSION;
$fetch = array('friends' =>
array('pattern' => '.*',
'query' => "select uid2 from friend where uid1={$user}"));
echo $facebook->api_client->admin_setAppProperties(array('preload_fql' => json_encode($fetch)));

$message = 'From My App: publish steven on facebook Fan Page';

$target_id ="273641842409";

if( $facebook->api_client->stream_publish($message, $attachment,$action_links, $target_id))
echo "Added on FB Wall on Fan Page";
} catch(Exception $e) {
echo $e . "<br />";


publish on facebook fan wall page using php
That’s it your are now done enjoy!!! publishing on fan’s page wall.

You can see my Fan Page here Where I published using above example.