Best Ever Comparison of WordPress vs ExpressionEngine In 2010

Comparison of WordPress vs ExpressionEngine

WordPress is a simple and easy blog , where as ExpressionEngine is a professional CMS, where many features will come built in package. For WordPress we need can add all the features by different plug-ins.

This is just the initial version of comparation, I will update this with the plugin links and many features available in WordPress

Table of Comparision

Current Applications Features WordPress Expression Engine
Mobile Edition Available
Feed-Burner Feed-Smith Plug-ins
Easy Tube : Embedding You tube Videos Plug-ins
User Sign Up, Login & Forgot password with integrated used for 3 sites Available Available
Search Available Available
Category Feeds Customize Available
Printer Pages Plug-ins Available
Captcha ( Register, Comments) Plug-ins Available
Social Book Marks  ( ShareThis, Add it) Plug-ins Available
Ad-Sense Manager Plug-ins Available
User Roles Admin, Editors, Authors, Contributor (Executive Editors, Editor, Associate Editors, Contributors)
Related Articles Plug-ins Available
Tags Available Available
reTweet Plug-ins Available
Follow Facebook Customize Available
Gallery Plug-ins Available
Google sitemap generator Plug-ins
Entry Versioning Available
RSS Available Available
Multiple Weblogs Plug-ins Available
Custom Entry Fields: Each section can have its own unique set of entry fields. These can be input boxes, pull-down menus or textareas. Available
Search Engine Friendly URLs Available Available
Relationships between entries in different sections of your site, enabling information to be shared. Available
Custom Statuses: assign your entries to, like “first draft”, “revision”, “final edit”, etc Available Available
Multiple Categories Available Available
Ping servers Available Available
HTML Formatting Buttons Available Available
Future Entries Available Available
Expiring Entries Available
Pagination Available Available
Article Pagination: split your articles into multiple pages. Available
Image and File Uploading Available Available
Image Resizing and Thumbnailing Available Available
Image and File Browsing Available Available
Emoticons Available
Bookmarklet: Post entries using a convenient bookmarklet Available
User Commenting System Available Available
Comment Membership Available Available
Comment Moderation Available Available
Comment Expiration Available
Comment Pagination Available
Trackbacks Available Available
Auto Typographic Formatting Available Available
Auto Convert MS Word Characters Available Available
Auto Convert High ASCII to Entities Available Available
Automatic Linking Available Available
Email Anti-Spam Encoding Plug-ins (Email-Immunizer) Available
Referrer Tracking Plug-ins Available
Hit tracker Plug-ins Available
Statistical Tracking Plug-ins Available
Online User Tracking Plug-ins Available
Search Term Log Plug-ins Available
Full Page Modeling: Each template represents an entire web page Available
Conditional Operators: Use conditionals to show targeted content to users that meet any criteria you set. Available
Custom Global Variables :Create your own variables that you can use in any template. Available
Sub-Templates Available
Template Access Control Available
PHP in Templates Available
Custom SQL Queries Available
Template Exporting Available
Template Library Available
Template Versioning System Available
Customizable Workspace: Each user can customize the size of the template window. Available
Template Notes Available
Multi-Protocol Support (SendMail, and SMTP) Available Available
Flexible Email Options

HTML email, priorities, word wrapping, CC, BCC and any combination of recipients

Mailing List Manager Available
Mail Caching Available
Batch Processing Available
Search Engine Available Available
Search Term Log Available Available
IP data can be searched for in entries, comments, forum posts, etc. Plug-ins Available
Blacklist/ Whitelist Plug-ins Available
CAPTCHA Plug-ins Available
Comment Time Interval Available
Rank Denial Available
Secure Form Mode Plug-ins Available
Duplicate Data Denial Available
Trackback Pings Per Hour Available
Trackback URL Randomizer Available Available
Site Membership Available Available
SQL Manager Plug-ins Available
Extension Manager Available Available
Admin Logs Available
Search and Replace Available
Data Export Available Available
Member Manager Available Available
Forum Plug-ins (WP-Forum( Add-on Personal 49.95$
Multiple Site Manager Plug-ins (WordPress MU FREE) Add-on



E commerce Plug-ins (WP- ecommerce) Available
Pod casting Plug-ins (WP-Pod casting)
Moblog Plug-ins Add-on
WIKI Plug-ins Add-on
Mailing List Plug-ins Available
Photo Gallery Plug-ins Available
Blogger/MetaWeblog API Available Available
Commenting/Trackback Available Available
Recently Updated Sites Available Available
RSS Available Available
Search Available Available
Referrer Available Available
Statistics Plug-ins Available
Query Plug-ins Add-on
Multi-User System Available Available
Member Groups Available
Custom Member Fields Plug-ins Available
Member Activation Available Available
Profile Management Plug-ins Available
Subscription Management Plug-ins Available
Member Localization Available
Member Communication Available
Email Console Logs Available
Member Quick Links Available
Note Pad Available
Data Caching Plug-ins Available
Password Encryption MD5 SHA1
Duplicate Data Removal Plug-ins Available
Password Lockout Plug-ins Available
IP Banning Plug-ins Available
Email Banning Plug-ins Available
Username Restriction Plug-ins Available
Jabber instant messaging clients Service N/A
Language Translation Plug-ins/ Service
Premium Hosting Available Available
Price FREE For an Year


Commerical 249.95$

+Additional for addons