73 Free Designer Quality Excel Chart Templates | Free Themes Store



How many times you created a chart in Microsoft excel and formatted it for minutes (and sometimes hours) to reduce the eye-sore?

Well, I will tell you my answer, its 293049430493 times

Worry not! for you can become a charting superman (or elastigirl) by using these 73 free designer quality chart templates in literally no time (well, almost)

These templates will take care of typical formatting activities like,
Remove that ugly Grey color background from the chart
Change the default grid line format from intrusive solid black to a duller shade of dotted Grey
Adjust the fonts (to verdana in this case), remove annoying chart auto-font-scaling
Move the legend to a meaningful location and adjust its size
And, of couse, fix the colors

so that you, the user can focus on your data and not on “why in the world anyone would design a default format like this…”, so go ahead and unleash the charting pro in you.

From: chandoo.org