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All of today’s news is focusing on the current global financial crisis. Conserving capital dollars is the primary concern for executives right now. Most companies are looking for savings in every aspect of their business. Organizations are under increasing pressure to make their finances last longer as they work their way through these turbulent times.

How can you do more with less? How can Exadel help you?

In spite of the economic slowdown you can continue to grow your business, and manage your budget by partnering with Exadel. Now that companies are facing liquidity issues and low consumer sentiment, it is time to think about how Exadel’s offshore technical services can help you reduce operating costs.

Partnering with Exadel is an effective approach for:

· Improved cost efficiencies (generally 3:1)

· Higher return on your investment

· Specialized technical expertise

· High quality development

We have a comprehensive technical portfolio including skills in developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA), leveraging technologies like JSF, RichFaces, Seam, Spring and Flex. We know RichFaces better than anyone else; we created it, and continue to create new RichFaces components.

Some of our global clients include Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Wolters Kluwer, Sears, Samsung, and ABN AMRO Bank, to name a few. Our service offerings include product development, testing and support.

Though your apprehension to engage in new partnerships is understandable with the prospect of a global macro economic meltdown, the question you should ask yourself is not if you can afford to partner with Exadel, but can you afford not to.

Thank you,

John Erdiakoff

Exadel Sales



Elevating Talent Development in a Down Economy


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SumTotal Presents…
Elevating Talent Development
in a Down Economy

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During a down economy, top-line growth naturally slows and competitors fight over a smaller pie. To align expenses, many companies attempt cost-cutting initiatives—and employees, often seen as variable costs, are forced to pay the price.

Ironically, while job losses are mounting, companies continue to struggle with shortages in critical, high-impact positions as key talent is always in short supply. Additionally, on-going restructuring increases leadership turnover and depletes vital leadership pipeline.

Join Rishi Rana as he shares the valuable five-step process which helps you strengthen the business case for learning initiatives and other talent development programs to achieve the highest possible business performance.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate the impact on talent in an economic downturn;
  • Build a solid business case for your learning initiatives;
  • Find budget from non-traditional places;
  • Innovate techniques and best practices being used by organisations today;
  • Ensure your organization’s economic strategy leverages learning to its fullest.

Presented by:

Rishi Rana,
Vice President, Services,

SumTotal Systems, Inc.

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Thursday, February 11, 2009

11:00 am India

1:30 pm Singapore/ Malaysia/
              Beijing/ Hong Kong

4:30 pm EDT Sydney, Australia.




Join us to learn the key steps for making a More Effective Business Case for Learning Initiatives.

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