Download Magento Designer Guide and User Manual for Free

Here is a Download Magento Designer Guide PDF version.

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This PDF includes 40Pages and around 1MB size, Below are the Table of Contents of the PDF.

Table of Contents

Designer’s Guide to Magento. 3

Magento Design Terminologies. 3

Website and Store. 4

Interface. 5

Themes. 6

Blocks. 7

Working with Magento Themes. 8

How Magento Does Themes Different from Others. 9

How to Create a Theme. 10

Say Hello to Multiple Themes. 13

Hierarchy of Themes. 14

Building Your Theme. 16

Introducing Blocks and Layout. 16

Step by Step Guide to Building a Theme. 20

Intro to Layouts. 23

How Layout Works. 23

The system is built this way in order to allow seamless addition and removal of modules without effecting other modules in the system. Anatomy of Layout. 24

Rules of XML. 26

Quick Exercises to Get You Started. 26

CSS Resources. 28

Creating CSS buttons vs Image buttons. 30

The CSS. 31

Add Home Link with functional active state to Menu Bar (Alternative Method). 34

Embedding HTML in the Footer. 39

Blank Theme available through MagentoConnect. 40

Download the PDF HERE TheUnical_Magento_design_Guide.pdf

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