Cake Pirate Walkthrough Guide, Review, Discussion, Hints and Tips

Cake Pirate is a tower defense game in the style of Mushroom Revolution, where you add elements to your towers to make different power-up combinations, except this game has cake and pirates!

As you might expect, monsters travel along predetermined paths and you build towers along the sides to stop them. Your towers in this game are cakes, and you add extra ingredients like sugar, or peppermint to them that add various effects to them. Adding multiple ingredients will create recipes that give your cakes special bonuses, such as helping out other towers, shooting five targets at once, or even shooting bees. Yes, you can make a cake that shoots bees.

The twist here is that your lives are also cakes, and you can sell those cakes for money to upgrade your cake towers. Since you produce cakes throughout the level you will need to strike a balance between lives and cash. The concept is fairly straightforward but it does add an element of strategy to the game. In addition to lives and cash, skill points can be earned that you can use to help you out during the levels similar to Gemcraft.

Analysis: This is a pretty standard tower defense game, but that doesn’t mean it should go overlooked. The visuals are great, the cakes look good enough to eat, and the interface is simple and clean. The music is excellent at setting a light and airy mood, I found it hard to get past the title screen just because I loved the song so much. The ability to sell your lives for cash is a welcome strategic addition. The enemies are a little bland here, though. You’ve got your basic ground (or sea in this case), and air monsters that don’t really vary much. The game is also fairly difficult, but there is a free practice mode where you can hone your skills and get used to the different tower types.

But this is a game about cake and pirates! And it has a cake that shoots bees!!

Play Cake Pirate!

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