Blogger New feature : Blogger Stats

Two years ago, Google started to test an analytics service for blogs. MeasureMap, the service acquired by Google to improve the interface of Google Analytics, was still available and MeasureMap users were invited to convert their accounts to Google Analytics. At that time, Google Analytics experimented with integrating MeasureMap features like showing information about comments, blog posts, links from other sites. For Blogger blogs, Google also added a “stats” tab on the dashboard.

It’s not clear if the Google Analytics experiment is still available, but Google released Blogger Stats, a Blogger feature that lets you see real-time data about a blog: the most popular posts, the number of pageviews for each post, the total number of pageviews, a list of traffic sources and search keywords, a breakdown of pageviews by country, browser and operating system. Blogger Stats is only available if you use Blogger in Draft, a playground where Blogger tests many new features.

“The coolest thing about the new Blogger Stats is that it monitors and analyzes your visitor traffic in near-real-time. You can see which posts are getting the most visits and which sites are sending traffic to your blog right now,” says Google. Blogger Stats doesn’t use Google Analytics, which offers more complex reports, but they are updated every hour and sometimes even less often.