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[ubuntu] Upgrade to Karmic 9.10 & ext3 or ext4 Absolute Beginner Talk.

With Karmic Koala 9.10 just around the corner. If I do


upgrade -d

will I get offered ext4 or will the upgrade be automatic, without user intervention?

Celeron D-347 CPU (3.06gigHz CiderMill), 1 gig DDR 266 RAM, Foxconn 661GX7MJ-H mobo, 320 Gig HDD, MSI GeForce FX5600, D-Link WDA2320 wireless, Brother MFC-240C prntr, Samsung DVD-rom SD-612, Sony CD-RW CRX-225E, CoolMax CR-450B.
A reference was provided for changing to ext4, I believe. There are also GRUB2 tutorials.

(Here’s a tutorial. Like I said, I’m not at my machine, so I can’t consult my notes…

Before doing anything, however, DO BACKUPS!

If you are dual booting, you will want to install os-prober, run os-prober and then update-grub2. If you’d like instructions, search for my nickname and “os-prober” and you’ll find several instances.

If you want to upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic rather than reinstalling, I highly suggest you do both before upgrading.


update-manager -d

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