registration form validation using ajax with php

 false, 'msg' => "Please specify a username");
        } else if (!preg_match('/^[a-z0-9\.\-_]+$/', $username)) {
            $resp = array('ok' => false, "msg" => "Your username can only contain alphanumerics and period, dash and underscore (.-_)");
        } else if (in_array($username, $taken_usernames)) {
            $resp = array("ok" => false, "msg" => "The selected username is not available");
        } else {
            $resp = array("ok" => true, "msg" => "This username is free");

        return $resp;

      Ajax - PHP example

Input text: Output text:
hello.... i want to do the validations in registration form. but my validation is when the user enters the value in textbox that value automatically cheks that value is already in database or not. for example..........username textbox is i am entering value first three letter "kal" then comes beside the textbox "username 'kal' is available for you". and next i am entering nextletter "kalp" then comes beside the textbox "kalp is available". plz help me.....any chances to do this task.

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