Setting up Freemarker + Spring Portlet in Spring MVC – Spring

I had been searching and searching and to no avail.
Can some one please show me how to set up spring portlet to use Freemarker instead of jsp/jstl in an spring mvc framework please??
Havent had much luck finding it on the web

well specifically want to know whats the portlet equivilant of this
<bean id=”urlMapping”>
<property name=”mappings”>
<property name=”order” value=”0″/>

given that there is no SimpleUrlHandlerMapping in the web.portlet packages in spring.

Okay. That doesn’t have anything to do with JSP / FreeMarker. Just a straightforward “how does Spring MVC map portlet requests to controllers/views?” thing.

Are you using Spring 2.5 or an older version? Reason I ask is, the first choice is whether you are going to use the Annotation-based Controllers or the Interface-based Controllers. Mapping is quite different depending on these. If you are using 2.5, I highly recommend going with the Annotation-based controllers.

Other resources to look at to understand the major differences between servlet requests and portlet requests in Spring:

Chapter 16 of the reference manual:…e/portlet.html

The slides and sample code from a seminar I did earlier this year on Spring Portlet MVC:

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