Easy Way To Get Approved for Google Adsense

So you wish to monetize your website by publishing Google Adsense so that you can earn for every click. The first step in the process is getting your website approved to run these ads. Google will only allow quality site with quality content into its Adsense program.

If you have a website that has good regular updated content, lots of pages and good traffic then you probably won’t have any problems getting approved. If your site is new and you have a few pages of content and not may visitors then I would suggest not trying to get a site like this approved for the program. That does not mean that Adsense isn’t for you – you can still get approved.

There are two, quick, no hassle ways to get approved for the Google Adsense program. None of them require having your own website so you actually don’t need your own website to get paid from Adsense.

The first way is to get yourself a free blog from blogger.com Google owns Blogger and it has a built in approval system for adsense. This means that anyone who has a blog on blogger.com, who wished to participate in the Google Adsense program is going to get approved. The first thing you need to do after you set up your account is to make a couple of posts. It is best to keep these posts within the same subject. Create good quality content that people will want to read.

When you have finished setting up your blog, you can then go into your user control panel and apply for the adsense program. This is a simple step and once you follow all the instructions, you will be approved in a matter of minutes.

Another way to get approved for Google Adsense is to set up an account with hubpages.com This is a revenue sharing site that allows you to earn adsense income from the ads that are showing on your pages. Once you’ve created a page or hub on hubpages.com you can then go into your affiliate settings and apply for adsense. Since Hubpages is applying for you, you will not have any problems getting approved and you will be earning money from adsense in no time.

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After you get approved, you can then use your adsense id anywhere you choose, even on your own website without having to get it approved individually. Just make sure you keep withing the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. You won’t want to get your Google Adsense account banned after you so easily got it, right?

9 thoughts on “Easy Way To Get Approved for Google Adsense”

  1. Hi! Just went through article. Thanks for such a nice article. I also own a blog
    http://www.e-mega.blogspot.com/ It has some nice contents but still it got rejected by Google Adsense. Would you be kind enough to go through this blog and tell me what went wrong and what should I do to get it approved? Please also tell me if I can apply for Google Adsense with the same blog twice (after making corrections)? If yes, how? I am asking this because I tried twice with this blog but Google said that I have already applied for that blog. Please help. Waiting eagerly for your answer. Thank you.

  2. You can apply the same blog any times but you can’t use the same email that you used previously, you need to check webmasters and follow all the rules then reapply you will get it. Thanks

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