Google Docs: Format painter and GoogleLookup function now in the new Google Spreadsheets editor

– Format painter allows you to apply the same formatting to other elements more easily.
– GoogleLookup function attempts to find the values for straightforward facts about specific things.

Format Painter: Apply the formatting that you want to a particular cell/column/row. Click the paintbrush icon to use the format painter, then click your desired cell/column/row to apply the exact same formatting.

GoogleLookup: Enter this formula syntax in the desired cell: =GoogleLookup(“entity”; “attribute”) where “entity” represents the name of the entity that you want to access, like Kuala Lumpur, Audrey Hepburn, or oxygen, and “attribute” is the type of information that you want to retrieve. An example would be =GoogleLookup(“Ireland”; “internet users”)

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