MailTo Syntax

MailTo Syntax
• It is recommended that you use a process other than MailTo handle the e-mail process from your web site.
• If you do use MailTo, please encode the included e-mail address(s) to reduce the spam for that address.
One routine to assist encoding and e-mail address is available at:
The MailTo command can do more than enter a single e-mail address in the “Send To” field while activating your e-mail program. It can also:
Feature Syntax
Address message to multiple recipients , (comma separating e-mail addresses)
Add entry in the “Subject” field subject=Subject Field Text
Add entry in the “Copy To” or “CC” field cc=id@internet.node

Add entry in the “Blind Copy To” or “BCC” field bcc=id@internet.node

Add entry in the “Body” field body=Your message here
Within the body use “%0A” for a new line,
use “%0A%0A” for a new line preceded by a blank line (paragraph),
see example below.
” ” (beginning and ending double quotes) are necessary if any spaces are used
Mailto parameter should be preceded by “?” for the first or only parameter and “&” for second and subsequent parameter.
Some examples, with actual HTML Code included, follow:
Simple MailTo

MailTo with Multiple Recipients

MailTo with Subject

MailTo with a Copy

MailTo with a Blind Copy

MailTo with message already started in Body

MailTo with multiline message in Body

NOTE: Use “%0A” for a new line, use “%0A%0A” for a new line preceded by a blank line.
Features may be used in combination
MailTo with Subject, a Recipient, a Copy and a Blind Copy

Remember to use only one ? (question mark), when providing multiple entries beyond e-mail address

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