Having trouble scheduling that event? Suggested times now available in Google Calendar

A ‘Suggested times’ feature is now available in Calendar. If a guest is using Google Calendar and you or users at your domain have access to their calendar, when you click on this new feature, a popup will display times when guests are available.

Release track:

Editions included:
Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

Languages included:
All languages supported by Google Calendar

How to access what’s new:
1. Add a guest to your event and the ‘Suggested times’ link will appear.
2. Click the link to open a popup that will display times when guests are available.
3. Find a time that works and click to select it.
4. The calendar event page will automatically update to reflect your chosen time.

– If you don’t have access to a guest’s calendar, the popup will still indicate if “All participants can attend” as it only checks those calendars that you have access to, including your own.
– If there isn’t a time when all of your guests are available, the popup will display the error message, “No free times for all participants were found through [day and time range you selected]. Choose a different start time to search again”. This may happen if some guests have all-day events or working hours set.
– The list can also be navigated using the arrow keys and is accessible with a screen reader for accessibility.

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