Chrome OS Is All About the Missing Features

Here’s an interesting quote from Ted Power, a former designer for Google’s mobile web apps:

“Chrome OS could potentially mark a profound leap forward. For the first time, all the layers between the network and the computer have been removed. The device itself is of little consequence; you can ‘feel right at home’ from any networked device. Chrome OS isn’t so much about what has been added, but what has been stripped out; no more complicated file systems, software updates, etc.”

Paul Buchheit, the ex-Googler who created Gmail, thinks that the ideal design of a computer that acts like a local node of a global super-computer matches the design target of Chrome OS. “It should be relatively cheap and reliable, secure (no viruses or anything), zero-administration (I don’t want to be a sys-admin), easy to use, and fast.” Paul says that Chrome OS is unnecessary because iOS and Android devices meet the same ideal and there are already millions of devices that run these operating systems.

There are already millions of people who use Chrome and some of them would like to buy a computer that’s as fast as their browser. Mobile phones are not yet powerful enough to handle complex web apps, but that will change and, at some point, web apps will be indistinguishable from native apps. You’ll be able to use your favorite web apps from almost any device, but why not use a device that removes everything that’s unnecessary and slows you down?

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