Build awesome YouTube experiences with new APIs and tools

When we introduced the first YouTube API in 2005, we knew that it would be developers who would help us grow YouTube as a platform for connecting the world through video. At this year’s Google I/O, we’re continuing on with that mission through an entire track dedicated to YouTube, where we’re announcing new APIs and developer tools, as
well as a showcase of some of the most innovative apps built with YouTube.

Make mobile video shine
With mobile video now making up as much as half of all mobile traffic, your mobile experience needs video that’s high quality, fast and sleek. We want to give you the best tools to build these experiences, so we’re previewing the new YouTube Android Player API for high-quality and fluid video playback.

Engage with your communities through video
The next generation of YouTube Direct allows you to engage with your community by having them submit videos which you can then feature in playlists. YouTube Direct Lite is implemented in client-side JavaScript using CORS, and does not require any server-side deployments—adding it to your site is as simple as adding an

MMMmmm…data!Retrieving analytics data for your videos used to mean downloading an archive of CSV files that you then had to process. Now, you can use our new YouTube Analytics API to build custom tools for your data. It’s a RESTful web service that gives you the freedom to request customized reports containing only the data you care about. We’re also giving the YouTube Data API a facelift with new features like universal search and updated client libraries in 8 different languages.

Play, watch and learn from developers like you at Google I/O

We’ll be talking about these new features and other developer tools at Google I/O this week, so check out our sessions and codelabs, download the official Google I/O app, and follow online at At I/O you can also visit with Developer Sandbox companies like Flipboard, Dude Perfect and SONY PlayStation @ Home who are building awesome experiences with YouTube APIs. We’ll also share our sessions on the Google Developers YouTube Channel, and you can always find us on Google+ and our developer forum.

—Amanda Surya, YouTube API Team

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