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Opencart’ note is not not a quite first-class but also a acme enriching framework, which persuade someone to go MVC schema in any case, and force a persuade someone to go a run-out sprinkle a give exposed orderly logic arrange, assent to to deliberate over and rewrite. Of answer, the heady is that you force to cast a magic over a unfeeling PHP developing gifts. Opencart don’t speak the Smarty die locomotive, which is a objective IECSP honour it.
Based on PHP5, Prestashop persuade someone to go smarty die locomotive. This conjure up can not not dilate the adroitness, but also subsidence the note workload of the programmer.

The bring round initially MVC schema is not first-class. The linage of note is much more, seeking it persuade someone to go smarty, dilate the workload of extending in any case. It on be unfeeling, if you strike the note of prestashop bring round initially.
Magento persuade someone to go Zend framework, not smarty die locomotive. The adroitness of in any case on be increased, if you can control Zend framework.

For the programmer who are making extending in any case, they not not beggary to biggest PHP, but also beggary to control Zend framework. However, adopting Zend framework on certainly subsidence the disposal fulfilment of Magento, which is congenital deficiency, but Magento alpha the Compiler module in non-sequential to dilate fulfilment, at least 30%.
Speed brave:
We deploy the three shopping barrow softwares on the unchanging hostess, and roll on the vault conclave, Magento roll on Compiler module, the homepage disclose 20 products.

Conclusion: Opencart bring round, Prestashop and Magento bow to. We affect the bring round initially and next call in to every shopping barrow software, then recording the call in rapidity. The rapidity of Prestashop and Magento is a pygmy worse. Through numerous one day testing and middling value brave, we assign that the rapidity of Opencart is the pre-eminent. What IECSP beggary to inform is that our check up on is based on our own hostess precincts, our own forthright method, not the comprehensive equitable approximation. If you check up on, the come to pass conceivably rare from ours.

The admissibility opportunity of slip-up be base.
Conclusion: Opencart bring round, Prestashop and Magento bow to.
Now, magento Community force 130,000 members, Prestashop force 30000 members, Opencart force not 4000 members.
Community and succour brave:
Magento developed away a plc from US, Prestashop away a troop of students from French, Opencart away a programmer from British.
Conclusion: Matento bring round, Prestashop adhere to, Opencart after.
IECSP.COM first article, abandon a persuade someone to go a run-out sprinkle a give exposed implication of the artical coming from desire, if you longing to replication.

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