Download Magento User Manual Guide and User Manual for Free in PDF format

Here is a Download Magento User Guide PDF version.

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All the Content of this PDF is taken from Magento Site, Magento Blogs, Wikis and other private Blogs.

This PDF includes 203 Pages and around 13MB size, Below are the Table of Contents of the PDF.

Table of Contents

Magento Wiki Table of Contents. 9

CHAPTER 1 What is Magento. 15

Elements and Terminologies of Magento Sites. 15

Magento’s Architecture. 16

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Magento. 22

System Requirements. 22

Downloading Magento. 22

Installing and Configuring Magento. 23

Downloader Install 23

Default Install 24

Appendix: PHP5 CGI Setup. 25

Configuration during Installation. 28

Troubleshooting Installation. 28

Introduction to the Administrative Panel 28

Creating Multiple Websites and Stores. 28

Permissions. 29

Cache Management. 31

Chapter 3: Set Up Your Catalog. 32

Overview of Catalog Concepts. 32

Setting Up Defaults. 33

Creating Categories. 36

Assigning products at the category level 38

Assigning designs at the category level 39

Using static blocks with categories. 40

Attributes. 40

Creating an Attribute. 40

Manage Label / Options. 43

Managing Attribute Sets. 44

Creating an Attribute Set. 44

Manage Products. 47

Setting up configuration and Attributes. 48

Creating a Simple Product. 48

Creating a Configurable Product. 56

Creating a Grouped Product. 60

Related Products, Up-sells, Cross-sells. 62

Product Comparisons. 64

Layered Navigation. 65

Assigning Designs at the product level 67

Stock Management. 67

Creating stock management default options. 67

Creating stock management on the product level 69

Batch Updates. 70

URL Rewrites. 72

Configuration Settings. 72

Editing URL Rewrites. 73

Creating URL Rewrites. 74

Chapter 4: Get Ready for Selling. 75

Checkout Process. 75

Adding New Order RSS to Google. 81

Localization Settings. 82

Locale Settings. 82

Currency. 82

Taxes. 84

Tax Rates. 84

Tax Classes. 86

Tax Rules. 87

Shipping Options. 88

Shipping Settings. 88

Shipping Methods. 90

Accepting Money. 102

Payment Methods and PayPal Accounts. 102

Zero Subtotal Checkout. 105

Check/Money Order. 105

Purchase Order (PO). 107 108

PayflowPro. 109

PayPal Express. 111

PayPal Direct. 112

PayPal Standard. 113

PayPal UK Express. 115

PayPal UK Direct. 116

Google Checkout. 117

Chapter 5: Promotions, Marketing and Content Pages. 124

Customer Personalization. 124

Wishlist. 124

Compare Products. 125

Recently Viewed/Compared Products. 126

New Products. 127

RSS Feeds. 128

Tier Pricing. 129

Catalog Price Rules. 130

Rule Information. 131

Conditions. 131

Actions. 132

Shopping Cart Price Rules. 133

Rule Information. 134

Conditions. 135

Actions. 135

Newsletters. 137

Newsletter Configuration. 137

Newsletter Templates. 138

Newsletter Queue. 139

Newsletter Subscribers. 139

Newsletter Problem Reports. 140

Static Blocks. 140

Landing Pages. 142

General Information. 143

Custom Design. 143

Meta Data. 144

Polls. 145

Poll Information. 145

Poll Answers. 146

Search Synonyms and Re-directs. 146

Quick Search. 147

Advanced Search. 149

Chapter 6: Customers. 150

Default Customer Options. 150

Contact Options and Emails. 150

Updating Email Template Files Directly. 151

Updating Email Templates Via Magento Admin. 151

Email Sender. 152

Contact Us. 152

Creating Customers. 152

In Front-end. 153

In Admin. 154

Customer Groups. 155

Creating Customer Groups. 155

Managing Customer Groups. 156

Batch Updates to Customers. 156

Front-End and Back-End functionality for Customer Accounts. 157

Front-End. 157

Back-End. 160

Online Customers. 161

Chapter 7: Reports and Analytics. 163

Reports. 163

Sales Reports. 163

Shopping Cart Reports. 165

Products Reports. 165

Customers Reports. 166

Review Reports. 167

Tags Reports. 167

Search Terms. 168

Dashboard. 168

Analytics. 169

Chapter 8: Managing Orders. 170

Overview of Order Functionality. 170

Creating Orders. 170

Terminology. 170

Managing and Editing Orders. 171

Creating Orders. 171

Accessing the Order Page. 171

Creating the Order. 172

Sales Order Options. 175

Invoice Options. 175

Shipment Options. 177

Credit Memo Options. 179

Managing and Editing Orders. 181

Chapter 9: User-Generated Content. 185

Ratings and Reviews. 185

Managing Ratings. 185

Managing Reviews. 186

Manage Tags. 188

Email to a Friend Options. 190

Chapter 10: Upgrading Magento. 192

Upgrading Magento Via SSH.. 192

User Management- Manage Roles. 193

Magento’s Import/Export Profile. 196

Magento Free Shipping. 198

Importing Newsletter Subscribers. 201

Replacing the Logo Image in Transactional Emails. 203

Limiting Free Shipping to the Continental US. 204

Tax Rules Configuration and Settings. 205

Example of files edited in Excel (when opening on notepad or any other text editor. 205

Proper file format with double quotation marks. 205

Promotions, Discounts and Conditional Selection. 206

Issue. 206

Solution. 206

Gift Cards and Customer Store Credits in the Magento Enterprise Edition. 208

Google Base Integration in Magento. 208

Magento in 60 languages!. 209

We have 23 locales that are 85% – 100% complete. 209

13 locales that are actively translated (20% – 85%). 209

And 24 more locales that are in the process: 210

Magento Connect: Quickbooks Integration via T-HUB. 211

Video: Magento via iPhone. 211

Video: Custom Product Options in Magento 1.1. 212

Download the PDF HERE TheUnical_Magento_User_Guide.pdf

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  1. I just downloaded, but have not yet read, your Magento PDF. A quick scan shows me it may be helpful. I am an absolute novice with no idea how to even spell PHP..
    I hope this will help me get started. Thanks in any event for your considerable effort to consolidate and make available this information.

  2. Hi,

    Really, I liked your post as well attachments…

    Currently I am referring TheUnical_Magento_developer_Guide.pdf.

    Hope, after read this i can solved and customize some little problems. M I?

    This link got me 5 months after I started the magento work.

    so feel so glad…………..haaaaaa$$$$$$shhh

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