Download Magento System Admin Guide and User Manual for Free in PDF format

Here is a Download Magento System Admin Guide PDF version.

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This PDF includes 67 Pages and around 1MB size, Below are the Table of Contents of the PDF.

Table of Contents

System Admin’s Guide to Magento. 6

Installing Magento Enterprise stand-alone on OS X. 6

Changing and Customizing Magento Code. 8

Subversion. 8

Upgrading to a newer version. 9

Custom Modules. 11

Blocks. 12

Pre-Production System Configuration Checklist. 14

1: System -> Configure -> General 14

2: System > Configuration > Sales. 15

3: System -> Advanced. 16

4: System -> Transactional Emails. 17

Multi-site Domain Name Setup. 19

1: Categories. 19

2: Store Configuration in the Magento Admin. 19

3: Store Configuration in the Server. 22

4: We’re Ready to Go!. 23

Varien’s Popular Open Source Magento eCommerce Software to Ship with Zend Server Community Edition PHP Stack  24

Availability. 25

Magento Database Repair Tool 26

Magento Database Repair Tool More. 27

Usage Instructions. 27

Crash-course for the impatient. 27

Test it before running on a Production Environment!. 27

Step-by step. 28

How to Set Up a Cron Job. 30

Magento and crontab. 30

Windows. 32

Other solutions. 33

Inner workings. 33

Error logging. 34

Configuration. 34

Magento’s Cronjobs. 36

How to restore a broken admin access. 37

Log in with the new account. 38

Further information. 38

Using Magento on Amazon EC2. 39

Optimizing Performance with Apache. 39

1. MySQL Configuration. 40

2. Apache KeepAlives. 40

3. PHP Opcode Cache. 41

4. Memory-based Filesystem.. 41

Public and Free Magento AMIs. 41

Launching an EC2 Magento Demo Store. 42

Benchmarking with ApacheBench. 42

Benchmarking with Pingdom.. 42

Optimizing Performance with Nginx. 43

Data Persistance with EBS (Elastic Block Storage). 43

EC2 Pricing and FAQs. 46

Performance Improvements in Next Magento Release. 46

Todos. 46

Understanding Magento Scalability and Performance. 47

Easy Wins. 47

Measure your Magento. 49

Three Steps to Improve Scalability and Performance. 51

Going Further. 52

Conclusion. 53

Magento & Zend Server Benchmarks. 54

Methods & Tools Used. 54

Magento Version Benchmarks. 55

Apache + mod-php VS Apache + Zend Server. 56

Zend Server Configuration for Magento. 57

Response time. 59

Additional technical details about the tests. 61

Things to test in the next benchmark campaign. 61

Conclusion. 62

Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS– Fooman Speedster. 63

Upgrades Made Easy. 65

CSRF Vulnerability in Web Applications (and how to avoid it in the Magento Admin). 66

How To Setup Multiple Magento Stores. 67

Video: Google Website Optimizer Integration in Magento 1.1.7. 67

Download the PDF HERE TheUnical_Magento_System Admin Guide.pdf

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