Problems installing Liferay Source Code 5.2.3 + Tomcat


We are trying to install Liferay Source Code in order to execute it in Tomcat. After following several installation guides, we don’t have obtained any good results.

“ant build” and “ant deploy” commands always finish showing “build succesful” and Tomcat logs don’t show any error when we type ./startup

When we access to localhost:8080/web/guest/home, the browser shows a blank page (don’t show anything) and Tomcat logs show no errors. We have used an existing Tomcat, a new Tomcat into Liferay directory and a new Tomcat out of Liferay directory, and Tomcat versions 5 and 6, and the result is the explained below. So, we think that Liferay is not linked succesfully to Tomcat when we type “ant deploy” command

The only modification we make in Liferay configuration files are in y, and the copies of these files including the Linux username in the file name

In app.
app.server.parent.dir= the folder where we unzipped tomcat (if tomcat is in /opt/tomcat, this property were /opt)
app.server.tomcat.dir=${app.server.parent.dir}/tomcat-5.5.26 (or the adecuate version)

lp.source.dir=the folder where we unzipped
lp.ext.dir= ${lp.source.dir}/ext
lp.plugins.dir= the default value, because we don’t know what is the plugins sdk for or if they are needed

Our purpose is to get a Liferay SC installation in order to make some changes in the login portlet and then re-compile Liferay with the new changes. We need to know how to solution these problems or another development alternative

I hope this helps:

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