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first-team all-state linebacker in Class AAA as tabbed by the Tennessee Sports Writers Association; West Tennessee Player of the Year as a senior by the Jackson Sun; One of the top-15 players in Tennessee by UK's BBC –

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You just went out and bought a new motorcycle and you want to protect that new shine, and keep the chrome sparkling in the sun. One of the best investments you can add to your accessory list is a motorcycle CoverMax.

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Great Scott!: Space Dog Sees Shadow, World Is Safe For Another Year

At 6:43 AM this morning, a solar flare burst out of the sun- one of the largest in recorded history according to Hubble Space Laboratories. With it came a burst of heat, energy, and light that successfully skewed the results of Brusie

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Filter Of Mine: Mountain walk grounds and heightens state of grace

I love when you can see a full hot setting sun one direction and the full moon rising looking the other way. I could just feel that cool, anxious, and appealing transition from day into night. The birds were all out singing as the thick

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