Everyday she and her grandson gather up her props and stuff her jalopy with the things she needs for work–a temple with skinny stairs, a king and queen, stalks of corn, a skeleton, one sun, one moon, a plumed snake and a feathered

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Wisdom from Sri Sri: 'Culmination of prayer is meditation'

All Gods, goddesses are like rays of the sun, one sunlight and all the rays together is God but these are all different aspects of God. All are different aspects of the one Divine like in one human being, one cell somewhere becomes the

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*~*~ㅇNㅌ SㅜㅌP TWㅇ SㅜㅌP~*~*: Rain God

and sometimes that not that can sweating that hots…is like stay in the sona and your body can't come out the sweat~~~this is worst than the hot with sweating~~~ our earth is getting closer to the sun one year than one year~~

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