Generating and Using Resource Properties Files – Hyperic HQ 4.x

java.naming.provider.url; program; server.log_track.files. In the HQ user interface, these options appear on the Configuration Properties page for a JBoss server that has been added to inventory. Click the thumbnail to see a screenshot.

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SHARF, WOODWARD & ASSOCIATES | Sr Systems Engineer * | Engineering

will be given to candidates possessing experience with * Highly distributed file systems and databases * Experience with supporting load testing tools (JMeter preferred) * Oracle (BEA) and/or JBoss product offerings * JUnit, Ant, Job Feed –

JBoss Application Server Clustering(集群) Guide_My Golden Days_

The JBoss Application Server (AS) comes with clustering support out of the box. The simplest way to start a JBoss server cluster is to start several JBoss instances on the same local network, using the run -c all command for each

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Seam Framework – NPE: quartzTriggerHandle.cancel()

19:24:46452 INFO [STDOUT] Handle: org.jboss.seam.async.QuartzTriggerHandle@5a9737 19:24:46452 INFO [STDOUT] Groups: [Ljava.lang.String;@17da237 19:24:46452 INFO [STDOUT] Defualted Jobs: [Ljava.lang.String;@124d0d3 19:24:46546 INFO – Seam Users –