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GlassFish, to some extent. Oracle already has its own, profitable Java applications servers, so Glassfish will be maintained “as the reference implementation of Java Enterprise Edition 6 and for "departmental application uses."

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ESB Console Test Extended Configuration Service In Java – OpenESB

package; import java.util.Enumeration; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Properties; import java.util.Map.Entry; import java.util.logging.Level; import

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"Mike, they are really great talking points. Can you get them to the White House quickly?" — HuffPost's Arianna Huffington to Politico's Mike Allen earlier this week on cable political TV. This is called a Glassfish. glassfish.jpg FishBowlDC –

phosphorescence: Oracle will keep on technologies of NetBeans only

In Japanese news source, goes independent GBU of Oracle, but NetBeans and Glassfish will be kept on only technologies, but others (product and its name and so on) will be integrated to "Oracle Fushion" series.

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IT Jobs in Pittsburgh: Contract Web Server Administrator job

posses advanced Sun and Red Hat skills, to include administrating enterprise class application servers like BEA Weblogic, Sun Glassfish, and Sun Web Servers, and have knowledge of Sun UNIX Solaris 10, and Zones on Sun hardware,

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Software Development Architects (2 more is needed!) « The Weblog

8: Understanding application servers e.g. IBM Websphere, SUN Glassfish, WebLogic, JBoss. 8: Experince in writing scripts (Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, Unix shell script). 8: Precise and methodical personality.

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Eclipse Glassfish plugin v1.0.52 EAR deployment problem |

Hello all, I'm having a problem (more a feature than a bug) with deploying EAR to glassfish app server with glassfish eclipse plugin. My system: eclipse java ee 20090920-1017; glassfish eclipse plugin v1.0.52; glassfish v3 final . –

deltalounge » Oracle Sun – SOA and Integration strategy outline

Support for both GlassFish Web Space Server and Sun Portal Server will be continued. An upgrade path to WebCenter is planned for both. The IP (Intellectual Property) for Sun's Web Space Server will be released into the Liferay open

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