MODDB temporarily suspended.

As some of you may have noticed PHP-Fusion MOD’s is temporarily shut down. This is due to suspected malicious code somewhere on that site, which is being checked right now. The server load went up very high, but as far as we can tell it hasn’t been any other complications, but we must shut the site down while investigating it.

And since it’s quite a vast site, it does take some time to look through it, the logfiles for that site is enormous and require a lot of hard work in order to find out what has happened.

The site will be back online as soon as we have discovered and fixed what’s causing it to rush the server load. I ask for your understanding while we investigate this matter.

Added Jun 11th: mod site up again…

PHP-Fusion Design Team

The PHP-Fusion Management Team (MT) has decided that we should recreate a Design Team. Therefore we are looking for people that are familiar with PHP-Fusion and its design. We need people that are skilled when it comes to design, graphics, themes, PHP or marketing. If you have skills within some of these areas, and want to participate in forming the future of PHP-Fusion and its theme-engine, please read on.