Juozas Kaziukenas’ Blog: Service Layer in Web applications

In a new post to his blog Juozas Kaziukenas takes a look at one of the pieces of “glue” that makes up the typical web application – the service layer.

During this year I invested quite a lot for a search of a good ways to architecture a big application and make it simply good. Quite a while ago Matthew Weier O’Phinney introduced service layer in one of his great talks about models, since then service layer become one of the key architectural component one my applications. Here I’m going to show a few examples and use cases where it’s very useful.

He looks at the “old style” of data interaction that several applications use as compared to injected objects and information more structured applications have put to use. He also outlines a practical use of the service layer structure – thinking of it as a layer allowing to you connect to a service, either local or remote, without the rest of the application needing to know about it.

PHP-Fusion 7.00.06

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of PHP-Fusion 7.00.06! PHP-Fusion 7.00.06 is a bugfixes release but also introduces PHP 5.3 compatibility. Among the bugfixes are some textual fixes and some touch-ups. There is a full download as well as an upgrade package, which may both be downloaded via either the ‘Downloads’ section on this web site or our project page at SourceForge.

We advise everybody to upgrade and hope you will all enjoy this release as much as you have enjoyed others in the past. We also appreciate your continued participation in our community and hope to grow our community even further with your help.

Volunteer Job Opening – Assistant Server Admin

Hello all,

The PHP-Fusion Server Admin team is looking for a competent Assistant Server Administrator. Please note the position is volunteer and not paid but will be subsidized by a free web hosting account. See the SourceForge job posting area for more details.

SourceForge Job Posting

PS: We would also like to re-mention our web based IRC Chat which now has a new tool available to connect which works just as good as Mibbit. Check it out now at http://irc.php-fusion.co.uk

New admin

Due to the increasing amount of spam, signature spamming etc, we’ve decided to appoint our moderator HobbyMan to administrator on this site.

No warnings, no fretting about, if you spam in any way, shape or form in here, you’re gone without mercy. It simply is too timeconsuming to deal with this, hence the somewhat harsher attitude towards spam.

PHP Fusion MODDB is down.

Update of the update: MODDB is down again and we’re trying to get a hold of the people responsible for that domain who can fix it. Needless to say we cannot have this situation with hosting anymore and we’re looking for a rock solid host where we can have our sites transferred to. Details on that will follow as soon as we get them.


Update (mistermartin75): We’ve managed to fix the problems surrounding the ModDB. There was an unfortunate issue with a host transfer and a domain name. Everything should be working again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are taking measures to prevent this from happening again.

MODDB has been down today for unknown reasons, we’re looking into the matter and will brief you as soon as we know what has happened.

I hope that you will have patience with this and please check this site for further information.

Edit from Sheldon: Sorry folks, I have been away on business. I have emailed the appropriate personnel and they are working on it. Personally, I think I forgot to renew the domain!

Upcoming changes!

As a part of the ongoing reorganisation and restructuring work that has been going on for ages behind the scenes here, we’ve come to a couple of conclusions.

1: We need to move our sites to a new host, we’ve experienced some downtime and other problems and we feel we must have a very solid server solution in order to be able to continue with the development of this software.

This will inevitably mean some downtime while DNS servers update, downtime starting at 07:00 GMT Tuesday (October 27), 0800:00 CET. We do apologize for this inconvenience, but it can not be avoided, hopefully the DNS servers will update within 24 hrs.

2: Management Team has also decided to merge our three main sites, this one, the MOD site and the Theme site into one single main site with one login for all users and crew. This will take place after we’ve moved our sites, we will certainly experience some data losses, even some confusion initially but in a longer perspective it is the sensible thing to do, today every user must log on to multiple sites, as well as crew and we quite simply need to focus our efforts and make this project more easy to grasp for everyone, which we will achieve with a merger of the three main sites.

However, the merger of the sites will take some time, for which I hope you will have patience with us.

Stay tuned for more news later, there’s more things cooking!

Finally we’d like to thank Sheldon King and Andrew Gai for the time they have hosted us, had patience with us all during some really hard times.

All of their efforts, generosity and hard work have meant that we’ve been able to carry on for this long, thanks a lot fellas.

Influensa update!

Due to the fact that our staff responsible for migrating the sites have fallen hastily ill with a bad case of flu, this migration have been postponed until they recover some. Sorry for the delay, but there’s nothing much to do about the flu, sadly!

New host

PHP-Fusion and all it’s associated web sites have today been moved to a new host. The transfer has been successful and everything seems to run smoothly. Since you’re reading this message, the domain name change has been propagated by your ISP. If you are having any trouble, please don’t hesitate to PM mistermartin75 or another administrator.

PHP-Fusion v6.01.19 upgrade for v6.01.18

We have just been informed about a very serious MySQL injections in the latest version of PHP-Fusion v6, PHP-Fusion v7 is perfectly safe and this injection do not harm any sites running PHP-Fusion v7 only those still using PHP-Fusion v6. The new package includes a fix for the MySQL vulnerability in members_poll_panel.php as described in this thread.

The presently released packages are up to date with the present version of the SVN (1423) and the downloads on SourceForge have been updated.

Upgrading is performed by unzipping the upgrade package, uploading the contents to your webserver and run the upgrade script from Admin Panel -> System Admin -> Upgrade.

PHP-Fusion 6.01.19 Update – for 6.01.18 only (3.1 KB).
PHP-Fusion 6.01.19 (2.2 MB).

PHP-Fusion v6 is no longer developed and we suggest everyone having a site using PHP-Fusion v6 to upgrade to PHP-Fusion v7 for a better experience and security!

Thanks a lot to our users; smokeman, for detecting and reporting on this vulnerability, and slaughter for helping providing a fix for it.

PHP-Fusion and Social Networks

The PHP-Fusion Community is constantly growing and we are experimenting with different social networks on how to market PHP-Fusion as THE best Open Source CMS. Our mission is to make as many people aware of this great, and free, software and can reach out further by using different popular social networks.

We would like everybody to join us on FaceBook, the official PHP-Fusion FaceBook group and follow us on Twitter. We also encourage people to share the links to other and we will show the rest of the world how many active PHP-Fusion users there are out there and convince more people to join in.

Happy sharing!