CakePHP: catching error in Model->query() «

In my recent CakePHP application I use some custom SQL queries that I fire at the database using the $model->query($sql) syntax. Works great, until you have an error in your $sql. I tried the obvious error handling with try … catch: –

CakePHP Expert For A Quick Job – oDesk | freelance Jobs aggregation

The job involves slicing and coding a psd file – it will be a few template for the cakephp script and fixing a few problems and adding some new features (should be pretty simple). The script is a (probably) well known script – swoopo

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Call a controller method from view with parameter | CodeIgniter Forums

I though there might be something like cakephp requestAction – Can anybody help me? Thanks. Signature. ================================== Kodegeek

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Ruby on Rails developer: Michael van Rooijen from Netherlands

With PHP I made use of two particular frameworks, namely: Zend Framework (biggest mistake ever), and CakePHP (which was good for a PHP framework in my eyes). I started developing PHP-based applications in 2006, but later switched over

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my-CakePHP: How to Remove Mailed-by Header in CakePHP Email Component

You can send emails with built-in CakePHP Email Component. But if you are sending email to any gmail address (like, you can see an annoying 'mailed-by' header. It shows the name of your server, like mailed-by:

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