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Thanks Corrine, for the info. I will be sure to be careful. I was thinking I could use dilute some of the juice and use it with vanilla protein powder and ice to make a smoothie. Everything in moderation, right?

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JPG Le Male vs. Bvlgari Black

It's incredible stuff. The minty opening and sweet-yet-not-overly-sweet vanilla powder is pretty intoxicating. Now With my recent tests of Le Male, I wanted to try another vanilla-ey scent, and Bvlgari's Black is one. sign in to remove
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Most servers seem to be filled completely with people testing new weapons (usually via TK) and arrogant vanilla noobs who think teamwork is below them. Only a rare few good servers right now. I was just on one but I crashed.

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When I click on the .9 shortcut it says windows is searching for pr.exe, and after that it says the shortcut is invalid. Also I checked Battlefield 2 Vanilla in game > Community> Custom games> and the list shows that Project reality is

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mix beef, garlic powder, cinnamon and vanilla in a big skillet and brown the meat. While the meat is cooking, put the garlic bread into the oven until toasty – not quite cripsy. Pour off any extra liquids once browned and add the sauce.

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