Ruby on Rails 3.0 Beta Released With New Features and Improved API

Rails 3 is focused on bridging the core Rails technology with the new ideas brought in from the Merb team. Merb is a model-view-controller (MVC) Web framework written in Ruby and Ruby on Rails 3 delivers the best features of Merb and

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Dot Net Asansol Framework -Free CD -SEO -Web: ASP.NET MVC

Using the MVC framework, this has changed engrossment a more flexible and loosely coupled approach. It's a bit upstream to confer the plain methodology used here. However, the basic idea is that each URL corresponds to an action instead

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Entity Frameworks, Repository Patterns and MVC – Database updates

Hi, I'm working on an MVC site that uses EF for its backend DAL. We're adhering to a repository pattern that separates concerns away from the site, so all the site is aware of is a single access point for all things data related.

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Submitting forms via Ajax using jQuery and ASP.NET MVC 2

I have tried to demonstrate that by using a combination of extensions to the Asp.NET MVC 2 Html Helpers, jQuery, and a separation of View and Request Models, the asynchronous posting of form data using the Asp.Net MVC framework can be

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PHP Eclipse BIRT (Newton, MA) – Internet Engineering Jobs

We need help in several technology areas, a candidate with in-depth knowledge in one or all of these areas is desired: – Data extraction from MySQL into XML via PHP – PHP-based MVC frameworks – Using Eclipse and BIRT for report design.

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