» Lead Web Developer (JS, JQuery, Ruby) – oDesk Freelance World

We require solid skills in following areas: – JavaScript, JQuery, XML, AJAX – Database design, MySQL – Web services API (REST/JSON/XML-RPC/SOAP) – Ruby, Rails – Subversion In addition to development tasks, this opening also has the

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Skitsanos for RIA: Predictive Fetch with jQuery and the ASP.NET

Basically, I'll extend last month's example—a relatively standard drill-down view into customer details—to automatically and asynchronously download and display related orders, if any exist. In doing so, I'll touch on some jQuery stuff

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Jobmine Improved (Greasemonkey & jQuery) « Zero Wind – Jamie Wong

In any case, you can see that things are made substantially easier with jQuery. I figured out jQuery mostly just using the API and looking at other people's code, but this is a decent place to start: Getting Started with jQuery.

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