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So a lot of my customers and partners have been asking me about numbers around SQL Server, so I thought of getting this quick blog post up to show you an aggregate view of some of those articles – Thanks to Mark and Sunny for helping me

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Detect SQL Injection Attacks – Networking – CNET Australia Forums

This is SQL Injection Attacks. The main trend Firewall currently will not alarm when there is SQL attack because of the SQL Injection is via normal point and hidden and difficult to be detected, seemingly normal website visit.

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Strong SQL Server Developers – With MS.NET | – Rich

Strong SQL Server Developers – With MS.NET. February 5, 2010 – 9:45am — Flex Admin. Kforce, Inc Wayne, NJJob description: …NET Advantage* Proficiency in XML, HTML, and JavaScript is a major plus* Any Adobe AIR and/or Adobe Flex is a

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