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Will this be the year we see Web 3.0? I've recently subscribed to a UK-based magazine, .Net, which is all about trends and techniques and news in the web design and development industry. I'm eating it up. It is a bit of a contradiction,

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Ajaxian » View Source; How important was it, is it, and will it be?

While I, like many, would mourn the loss of View Source, the fact is it simply isn't as important to the web these days as it was in 1995. Those were the days before blogs–before Ajaxian, Nettuts, and other great sites that spread the ….
On a side note, I like that Firefox (after 3.0?) started highlighting links in the view source window; you can click and subsequently view their source in the same window, “delete” takes you back in history, and CTRL-R refreshes the

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