NEPAL: 'PLA integration after new statute' « The Himalayan Beacon

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Nepal Institute for Policy Studies in Lalitpur, Maoists chief for political affairs Barsha Man Pun said the party is not ready for army integration at a time when the chances of

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» Wishlist Membership WordPress Plugin: Extremely Impressive

I recently wrote a review of 5 of the best wordpress plugins that would instantly turn a blog into a membership site. At the time I ranked Wishlish Member as the top plugin…and after a recent purchase from them, I still do. A sidebar
login widget, customized redirection for any action imaginable, super fast install, easy PayPal IPN integration, and lots of customizable features make the price seem like chump change when you compare it to other plugins.

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WordPress Plugins for Flickr and Post Order « Peter Cossey

WordPress Plugins for Flickr and Post Order

There’s a couple of WordPress Plugins that have hit my radar this week. The first is a Flickr plugin that offers full integration to your Flickr photos via the Flickr API. The plugin is by Joe Tan and is called Flickr Photo Album. It can create a dedicated /photos page on your blog where all your Flickr images are organised in their sets. It also includes a Flickr button on your Post edit interface for inserting pictures and sets.

The second plugin is called postMash and lets you change the order of your posts, kind of like hacking the get_posts() function in your theme except via a plugin instead. Postmash project page.

XML Custom XML Reading WordPress Plugin(s) Project

Custom XML Reading WordPress Plugin(s) freelance project is offered at getafreelancer. You will need to have Coder account before you place your bid. If interested, you can get your getafreelancer account. In case you already have an
account I want irc integration and alot of custom additions. Please let me know and we can work something out im very generous with pa … • Easy WordPress Site Setup I need someone who can install and configure WordPress sites quickly.

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Twitter Tools for wordpress

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

Who is allowed to post a Tweet from within WordPress?

Anyone who has a ‘publish_post’ permission. Basically, if you can post to the blog, you can also post to Twitter (using the account info in the Twitter Tools configuration).

What happens if I have both my tweets posting to my blog as posts and my posts sent to Twitter? Will it cause the world to end in a spinning fireball of death?

Actually, Twitter Tools has taken this into account and you can safely enable both creating posts from your tweets and tweets from your posts without duplicating them in either place.

Does Twitter Tools use a URL shortening service by default?

No, Twitter Tools sends your long URL to Twitter and Twitter chooses to shorten it or not.

Can Twitter Tools use a URL shortening service?

Yes, Twitter Tools includes a filter:


as of version 1.6. Plugins for this filter may already exist, or you can create your own. The plugin needs to attach to this filter using the standard WordPress add_filter() function and return a URL that will then be passed with your blog post tweet.

Is there any way to change the ‘New Blog Post:’ prefix when my new posts get tweeted?

Yes there is, but you have to change the code in the plugin file.

The reason this is done this way, and not as an easily changeable option from the admin screen, is so that the plugin correctly identifies the tweets that originated from previous blog posts when creating the digest posts, displaying the latest tweet, displaying sidebar tweets, and creating blog posts from tweets (you don’t want tweets that are blog post notifications being treated like tweets that originated on Twitter).

To make the change, look for and modify the following line:

$this->tweet_prefix = 'New blog post';

Can I remove the ‘New Blog Post:’ prefix entirely?

No, this is not a good idea. Twitter Tools needs to be able to look at the beginning of the tweet and identify if it’s a notification from your blog or not. Otherwise, Twitter Tools and Twitter could keep passing the blog posts and resulting tweets back and forth resulting in the ‘spinning fireball of death’ mentioned above.

How to Get a WordPress API Key to Activate Akismet Plugin

Akismet is one of the plugins that every wordpress blogger use. Aksimet is free, regularly updated, comes inbuilt with
set up file and works like a charm. Once installed, Akismet keeps a close look on all comments made on your blog and if it suspects anything suspicious, it marks them as
spam and send to the spam folder. But many new users get confused when they try to activate Akismet and it asks for a API key to get activated. Don’t worry, API key for Akismet plugin comes for free and it takes just a minute to generate your unique
API key.

How to get Akismet API key

Remember that unless and until you get a
API key
, Akismet spam feature won’t work on your blog. However you can generate one Akismet key and use that on all your blogs to activate Akismet.

How to Activate Akismet

  1. Navigate to WordPress and sign up for a free account.
  2. When asked, select the second option – “Just a username, please.
  3. Akismet Api no

  4. After successful registration,
    will send a verification email to your email. Remember to provide actual email address.
  5. Open that email and scroll down to find
    .com API key
    . It looks like the below screenshot.
  6. Enter Akismet Api key to activate Akismet plugin

  7. Copy that API key and paste in your Akismet API Key field. Click on Update.
  8. Now you have got your Akismet plugin successfully verified.
  9. akismet verified

  10. You are done.

Remember to keep that email safe. You might need that API key no to verify Akismet on other