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I then am presented with a partition screen with various partitioning methods but none that mention USB. I was however able to go to manual and choose mu USB drive. I then choose a EXT4 format and was able to get it installed.

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It created an > ext2 partition that I was in the process of converting to ext4. This is > where I hit a snag. Here is the error I got: *cough* *cough* Disclaimer: I don't have even 1TB in my largest system. > # e2fsck -fDC0 /dev/sdb1

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I like to share it. 4 days ago · #openSUSE How to change a Partition from ext3 to ext4: http://digg.com/u1M7oS 4 days ago · #openSUSE Weekly News Podcast (German) 108 is out; http://digg.com/u1LqkD 5 days ago

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Set the partition type to primary, format to ext4, and set mount point to / Now, create a bigger partition for your home partition. Bascially just use whatever is left of the disk, minus about a GB or two. Again, set partition type to

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