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jruby best bloody version. It has just moved to the git version of the above library. Can be one of the following two: git: / / / jruby ~ main git: / / / jruby / jruby.git. Use jruby to build ant. windows can be a
relatively stupid ant: The source code of this skeleton and a variety of jar has reached the google code, can be put off by svn: svn checkout gaesk-read-only –

Ruby – Feature #2033: Move Core Development to Git – Ruby Issue

Git support has been excellent using msysGit releases, even with integrated gitsvn support. Projects like rake-compiler and RubyInstaller uses Git and GitHub as SCM and contribution platform, something we couldn't achieve using

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gitsvn and automated merge recreation – Antti's posterous

The biggest snake in my VCS paradise is the fact that gitsvn just does not get merges made in SVN. It will happily think the two development lines are wholly separate. This bugs me on two levels. First of all, it annoys me on

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Lone Star Ruby Conf 2009 Wrapup Review – The Devver Blog

I thought the most interesting question was why Ruby isn't on Git yet. He said the teams doesn't have time to convert all the tools they use from SVN to git. He also mentioned that the git project tracking SVN is very close to the SVN

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Qugstart Blog » Migrate an SVN repository to Git While Maintaining

We want to use distributed Git repositories, with one central "shared" repository to use for deployments, etc. We don't want to use Git with a shared SVN repository. (gitsvn) And, we have a bunch of SVN repositories already that we

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